Worry Less, Live More Ebook


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When we worry, we create something in our mind that we don’t want. We all know that our thoughts take form and that 95% of everything we do is driven by our subconscious mind. We mostly live on autopilot.

Chronic worry and emotional stress can trigger lots of health problems, the brain releases stress hormones which affect our immune system, our digestive system and create high blood pressure or even a heart attack or a stroke

In this eBook “Worry Less, Live More” Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis is sharing her experience with hundreds of clients and her very own secrets to becoming more mindful and therefore more relaxed. Life is just too precious and too short to spend it in a state of worry, we all have the power to create the right frame of mind to be happy and content.

15 pointers on 42 pages on how to learn to deal with anxiety and stress. Breathe…….


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