About me in a nutshell

Who am I? I am…

  • a woman having travelled to over 80 countries
  • a wife for over 20 years and a Master Relationship Coach
  • a mother of 2 grown children
  • an entrepreneur for more than 20 years
  • a coach having helped hundreds of clients worldwide
  • a Global Woman Club Director of New York and Cyprus
  • a bestselling author having been published in many international media outlets
  • an international speaker having spoken on stages in Zurich, London, Bucharest, Cyprus, Tirana and Dubai
  • an action taker that follows through (I decided to start a podcast about three months ago and already uploaded Episode 18)

What do I stand for?


This is my number 1 value that I guide my life by, privately and in business. I live in 100% integrity, keep my word and will make sure that I deliver on my promises. Always!

Sense of Humor

I help people take life less seriously as in showing them that life will never be without problems or obstacles but that we can learn to live with them and use them as stepping stones and a good sense of humor helps with that.

Being Kind

I truly believe that you get what you give. Everything in life comes back to you tenfold. Therefore, I live my life trying to be kind as much as possible. Giving smiles does not cost you a thing. Same as praising somebody or helping when someone is in need. One action at a time, making the world a better place.

My Mission and Vision

My mission in life is to leave everyone I meet a little bit happier than they were before they met me.

I believe that we all have the capacity to live a content life once we understand that things happen to everyone and that it’s not what happens but how we react and what we learn from it.

Life is very short and we mustn’t sweat the small stuff.

I like to help people and I love watching people heal and grow beyond their wildest imagination because we all can.

We should never stop learning or being curious.

~ Elisabeth Villiger Toufexis

What my clients like most about working with me?

Here are some quotes of clients about what they liked most about working with me:

“Inspiration and tackling my issue in a professional yet personal way.”

“Your easyness, no drama, you make everyhing sound easy.”

“You are professional and very human at the same time. You never gave me the feeling that you knew more than me. You made me feel very whole and enough”

“You are very kind and cool and professional at the same time. You never gave me the feeling that I was just a teenager.”

“You went very deep and when you explained that we need to find the root cause, I didn’t’know what you were talking about but after the time line therapy, I understood everything.”

“You gave me homework and made me feel bad when I hadn’t done it. You are very practical and I needed this.”

“Your kindness and knowing that I can trust you.”

Are you curious how a day in my life looks like?

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